"My Laundry Team are proud to be the preferred recommended broker for the National Laundry Group, and the approved specialist broker for the Textile Services Association.

We deliver highly specialised service which comes from a unique understanding of specific risks associated with the laundry business. For instance, we offer clearly defined explosion cover that not only includes material damage to machinery, but also the collateral damage it causes.

Scientific advances in the cleaning industry require careful consideration by insurers and our on-going personal contact with clients means we are constantly reviewing risk issues; while the indemnity limits on our policies accurately reflect changing levels of consequential risk from fire to chemical spillage.

As a measure of our proactive approach, we have responded to client demands by making our expert risk managers available to them around the clock. This accessibility sets us apart from our competitors and because we take time to carry out an in-depth risk survey and full analysis of our clients’ claims we are able to offer a uniquely personalised programme.

It means an underwriter has a complete picture of our clients’ business and can apply the maximum discounts. We also offer extensions of cover to include denial of access and Full failure of public supply, both on and off premises."

Peter Jackson - Milsom Insurance Brokers.

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter as an Insurance Broker to anyone who operates within the Commercial Laundries and Dry Cleaners Industry. He has an outstanding understanding of this industry and the insurance issues that surround it. This knowledge has already gained him some of the largest Laundry clients in the UK and for good reason."

Tristan Webb - Managing Director at Aspire Insurance Services Limited.

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