Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance

Environmental impairment liability insurance (EIL) is insurance coverage for liabilities associated with environmental damage or pollution. Companies that may be at risk for losses associated with pollution often purchase these policies.

GAP Insurance

In the event your car is stolen or written off (total loss), GAP insurance covers the difference between the current value of the car (the amount your car insurer will usually pay out) and the amount you paid for the car in the first place, or any outstanding payments.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Every organisation is increasingly becoming reliant on email and the internet to run their business. Despite the benefits, using the internet brings new risks that could damage your company.

We can provide a policy which protects your company from many of the risks arising from using the internet, and covers damage caused by viruses, hackers and electronic identity theft.

While existing insurance policies such as commercial property, business interruption or professional indemnity insurance, may provide some elements of cover against cyber risks, businesses are increasingly buying specialised cyber policies, particularly if they hold sensitive customer details, rely heavily on IT systems to conduct their business or process payment card information.

But is there really a risk? Or is it just the Government scaremongering?

A recent UK Government survey estimated that in 2014 81% of large corporations and 60% of small businesses suffered a cyber breach. It was found that the average cost of a cyber-security breach for a SME was at least £65,000.

The UK Government views cyber attacks as a highest level risk to national security alongside terrorism threats. As such it has introduced a number of changes to help prevent cyber attacks;

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